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Let It Stay in Vegas: 70.3 World Championship Race Report

September 12, 2012 70.3Race Reports  2 comments

I've come to admit that I don't care much for Las Vegas. There used to be a time when going to this unusual city was a cheap getaway but not any more. For a short season they touted it as a family destination, uh nope; tried that. It was hardly family friendly as my daughter offered to shield my eyes from the billboard advertisements, raising her tiny hand saying, "Don't look daddy, I'll protect you!" Today, it's high fashion mixed with super sensation. It's a town that thrives on excess and lures you in through a wide entrance promising to shut the door behind you so no one can look in.

When the WTC moved the Ironman 70.3 World Championships from Clearwater FL to Las Vegas I was happy. I wasn't willing to go to Florida for the race but Nevada? Yeah, I'd make that trip. So last year I

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