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Compassion Changes Everything

April 6, 2013 Team Compassion  No comments

This is a repost from my other site DoxA after Ironman St. George in 2011.


It’s been nearly two weeks since I found myself having a brutal conversation with myself. It was one of those rambling, self-loathing, silent types you can have while smiling at others as they walk by. It was about four o’clock in the afternoon, it was 95 degrees and I had already swam 2.4 miles, ridden my bike 112 miles and ran 18 miles with another 8.2 to go.

On May 7th I was competing in Ironman St. George, arguably the most difficult Ironman course in the world. I’ve been a competitive Ironman triathlete for years and I was having one of the worst races of my career. At mile 18 of the marathon my legs began to have some very severe pain that I’ve not experienced before. Unable to continue my

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