Speaking Engagements



As a sought out conference and event speaker, Dan is available for limited speaking engagements. While often speaking on a variety of topics he is best known for a series of presentations about the Ironman Faith lifestyle which takes a practical look at issues facing our lives today and applying sound biblical principles to achieve positive and effective outcomes in life. Below is a sample list of some of the topics discussed in Ironman Faith.



Ironman Faith: From Start to Finish – Hebrews 12:1,2

Using actual footage of Ironman races this message uses the metaphor of an Ironman race to emulate life itself. In each race all of the physical and emotional ups and down life brings is experienced. In this message we see how it is essential to have a proper Commitment, which provides solid Conditioning giving the necessary Endurance to finish well.

Ironman Faith: Dig Me – Matthew 14:13-32

Based on the iconic location of the swim start at the Kailua Pier in Kona, the beach known as Dig Me Beach, is the focal point for this message; which takes a look at our true motivation for our faith… In other words, is our faith all about us or something else?

Ironman Faith: You Can Do It – Philippians 2:12-16

This message is designed to help those who think they’ll never contribute anything in any significant way that they do have the capacity and responsibility to do so. The number one response people give when they hear about the Ironman Race is, “Oh, I could never do that!” The truth is anyone can and many who didn’t believe they could have. It’s not about what you believe today but what you can do tomorrow.

Ironman Faith: He’s Got Your Number – John 10:7-10

When you race, you are assigned a number and in many instances along the race course you’ll here your number called out as people attempt to encourage you. In life voices call out to us for many reasons; to warn us, frighten us, encourage us, teach us and guide us. And throughout life there are those times when you need to hear a voice of encouragement and then there are those times you need to BE a voice of encouragement.

Ironman Faith: Balanced – Matthew 9:35-38

Ironman is a very selfish sport. You consume a tremendous amount of time, energy and money on something that in the end only gets you a tee-shirt and a medal. In our busy lives we can easily get out of balance with the things that truly matter in life. How do we over come this imbalance? Like all good triathlons there are three essential things we must do. When it comes Time… We need to Get Even. When it comes to Energy… we need to Be Smart. And when it comes to Money… we need to Give More.


You can contact Dan personally for availability to speak at your event or conference by using the contact page of this website or emailing Dan at dan.perkins@westgatechurch.org