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What Get’s Us Across the Line

October 29, 2012 Devotion  2 comments

On this new site; Ironmanfaith I will be reposting several articles I wrote on my other blog DoxA and well as past race reports. I will do this bit by bit and over time should have most of those postings here. Ocassionally there will be new, original posts as well. But for now here's a post that applies to all of us...

It's the same thing that gets us up in the morning. It's a doubt, perhaps fear, within one's mind of personal limits. It's a destination never been. It's an accomplishment to impress others if asked. It's a disruption of the mundane routine of life... it's not the start of the race but rather the finish for which we strive.

But what if the finish has become too common or mundane itself? What gets us across the line?

I have competed in triathlon now for eleven

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