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Three in One – my last three race reports

October 24, 2016 70.3IronmanRace Reports  No comments

Since it’s been a very busy season, I’ve had very little time to actually take some time and write down my most recent experiences racing and leaving those thoughts here at Ironman Faith. So, I’ll do my best to recall those experiences and make a few brief reports.

The race was held on July 10th. The day of our first daughter’s birth and it just happened to be her 30th birthday! Both of our girls were in town for her birthday as well as their grandmother (Joy’s mom, Kathy). During the lead up to the race we checked into our typical accommodations at the World Mark, just two miles away from Windsor High School, where the race concludes. The day before were the typical prerace workouts… swim at Johnston’s Beach at morning start time, a little tune up on the bike and a short run to

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Making ZERO Difference in a Year!

June 16, 2016 70.3Race Reports  No comments

Last year, on June 10th, while finishing a 94 mile ride through the Santa Cruz mountains during an unusually rainy day, my bike slid out from underneath me on what would be the final steep and sharp turn before heading home. The result was a fractured right hip that left me on crutches for the next three and a half months and subsequently caused me to cancel the remaining 4 races I had coming up. But racing wasn't the only thing affected by my now sedentary ways. My Ironman race, scheduled for late September in Chattanooga, Tennessee was also a race I had planned to do for ZERO Cancer, an organization dedicated to raising awareness, providing education and research and ultimately seeing a generation of men with zero prostate cancer. It too, now was on hold.

Since my last post back

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2014 Racing from the Rearview Mirror

December 20, 2014 70.3IronmanOlympicRace Reports  No comments

I began my triathlon career in 2001 with my first race being a sprint distance race in May followed by a slightly less than Olympic distance race in June and two Olympic distance races in July and September respectively. None of those races ended in podium finishes but the bug had set in with goals to complete my first Ironman in 2002.

In the new year, I trained for and raced my first marathon in Los Angeles with hip bursitis which flared up a week prior at the end of February. Then a half ironman race in May and finally my first Ironman on June 8th: Ironman Utah. If you are a geek about Ironman and know the sport’s history you’ll recall Ironman Utah was not an Ironman in the 2.4/112/26.2 mile sense. A freak storm came up that morning as the race began and athletes (me included)

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Let It Stay in Vegas: 70.3 World Championship Race Report

September 12, 2012 70.3Race Reports  2 comments

I've come to admit that I don't care much for Las Vegas. There used to be a time when going to this unusual city was a cheap getaway but not any more. For a short season they touted it as a family destination, uh nope; tried that. It was hardly family friendly as my daughter offered to shield my eyes from the billboard advertisements, raising her tiny hand saying, "Don't look daddy, I'll protect you!" Today, it's high fashion mixed with super sensation. It's a town that thrives on excess and lures you in through a wide entrance promising to shut the door behind you so no one can look in.

When the WTC moved the Ironman 70.3 World Championships from Clearwater FL to Las Vegas I was happy. I wasn't willing to go to Florida for the race but Nevada? Yeah, I'd make that trip. So last year I

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