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2014 Racing from the Rearview Mirror

December 20, 2014 70.3IronmanOlympicRace Reports  No comments

I began my triathlon career in 2001 with my first race being a sprint distance race in May followed by a slightly less than Olympic distance race in June and two Olympic distance races in July and September respectively. None of those races ended in podium finishes but the bug had set in with goals to complete my first Ironman in 2002.

In the new year, I trained for and raced my first marathon in Los Angeles with hip bursitis which flared up a week prior at the end of February. Then a half ironman race in May and finally my first Ironman on June 8th: Ironman Utah. If you are a geek about Ironman and know the sport’s history you’ll recall Ironman Utah was not an Ironman in the 2.4/112/26.2 mile sense. A freak storm came up that morning as the race began and athletes (me included)

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I Left My Sweat in San Francisco: A Race Report

August 15, 2011 OlympicRace Reports  No comments

San Francisco Triathlon at Alcatraz

As everyone knows… Alcatraz was that one prison deemed impossible to escape! But really? There was that one, now infamous escape sending three inmates into the dark San Francisco Bay waters on June 11, 1962. It is said they never made it to shore and the swift currents most likely sent them out into the Pacific Ocean… but I’m not so sure. Why? Because I made it!

And it wasn’t that hard.

Pre Race:

The venue is really just west of Fort Mason on the Marina Green. Here the wind is always present and the usual summer fog cuts through you. Like one person once said, “The coldest winter day they ever experienced was during a summer vacation in San Francisco.”

I am part of a Team for Fellowship of Christians Athletes the

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