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Ashes to Beauty

August 21, 2015 DevotionRecovery  2 comments

I realize three weeks have gone-by since my last report providing details of my emotional and physical condition as I recover from a broken hip. The reason; there wasn't really anything worth writing about. No one likes to read whining. I know I don't. No one can immediately fix my situation. I know I can't.

A week ago I met with my surgeon who told me post op I would be on crutches for two months. Exactly nine weeks later I drove myself to Kaiser, fully expecting to crutch in and walk out. After 30 minutes of waiting and the 10 minutes it took to get x-rays done, I was sitting in an examination room with my legs dangling and swinging, imagining what it would feel like to carry the crutches rather than have them carrying me. I was told Dr. Le was running late, "He's in the

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First Steps are Always Baby Steps

March 1, 2013 Training  2 comments

A couple weeks ago my wife showed me a pair of shoes that were apparently designed to shape and tone your bum simply by walking in them. Sounded pretty "sketchy" to me. But then I got to thinking about this... Today marks the start of my 2013 triathlon season. My training and racing typically follows a 9 month plan of preparation and performance. Generally, this ends in September/October and my start is January but since my schedule has me going through to December for the first time in my 12 year racing career, I'm getting a later start. What this really means is I've had a longer off season. Translation: I've put on a few more pounds, gotten out of my routine of regular training and settled into a comfortable comfort. Now comes early morning alarms, cold weather, hill repeats,

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