Dan Perkins

Someone once asked Dan, “How do I get to know you?” His reply, “Get a bike and let’s go for a ride.” So, consider this a quick spin.

Dan grew up in Northern California, went to LIFE Pacific College in Southern California, spent 3 years touring as a musical-comedy performer with Jeremiah People, was a booking agent, real estate agent, construction superintendent and fine dining waiter. When he met his wife Joy, he thought she was pretty cute… she thought, “I’m gonna marry this guy!” A few years later they had two girls, Sara and Aubrey, helped plant a church which is different from planting tomatoes.

Throughout a twenty-year journey in worship ministry Dan resided mostly as the Worship Arts Pastor at Southwest Community Church in Indian Wells, CA where he produced multiple award-winning shows working with such folks as David Foster, John Tesh and Josh Groban. While at Southwest his team developed a progressive system of programming used by churches around the world today.

Something of a “renaissance man,” Dan is passionate about gourmet food and triathlon. Having competed in multiple Ironman races, including the World Championship in Hawaii, Dan now races for Compassion International to help raise money and awareness for impoverished children and their extraordinary medical needs and is actively involved with Fellowship of Christian Athletes traveling around the country speaking for both organizations.

Dan is a multiple USAT All-American, a 15 time finisher of the Ironman including the World Championships held on the Big Island of Hawaii. A consistent podium finisher, Dan hopes to overcome the physical offset which comes with age and offer an example of virtuous living while accomplishing personal goals for helping others and honoring God.

What creeps you out? Mimes! If you want to give me the heebie jeebies just paint your face white and use exaggerated movements to communicate nothing very important.

What was your first car? A 1965 Mustang Convertible! Bought it for $600 and sold it for $1250 and still kicking myself!

What was your most embarrassing hairstyle? I got a “fro.” Not that I wanted to, I was looking for loose curls like Rod Stewart and ended up looking like Lionel Richie!

What do you do when you can’t sleep? I go to bed. Oh, you mean whe… zzzzzzz!