Welcome to Ironman Faith

September 6, 2012 Uncategorized  No comments

You've found a unique website that endeavors to share ideas, lessons and experiences regarding everyday aspects of life as it relates to one of the most difficult races today: The Ironman.

Over the past fourteen years I have had the honor of training and competing in fifteen Ironman races as well as several dozen half Ironman distance races or 70.3 races (an Ironman race travels 140.6 miles so half is 70.3) and another dozen or so Olympic distance races. During this time I have learned many life altering lessons that have helped me as a husband, father and friend.

So, take a look around. Even if you have no intention of getting off the couch there still might be something here that can inspire you, motivate you and hopefully help you across the finish line of this

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What a Day – Ironman World Championship 2016

October 26, 2016 IronmanRace Reports  No comments

We arrived on the island of Hawaii, Wednesday morning, October 5th… Our 31st wedding anniversary! It was our goal to be on the Big Island last year for our 30th but a little thing called a “broken hip” got in the way. Now once again driving into Kona, a short seven mile trek from the airport, it was very clear the Ironman was just days away. From the yellow road signs that read “CAUTION Ironman Athletes Training” along the Queen K to the dozens of runners along Ali’I Drive you’d think the competition had already begun.

First thing Joy and I did after we parked our car was walk over to the King Kamehameha Beach Hotel to register. As usual, it is a very well organized process that respects the athletes for achieving the honor of racing the Ironman World Championship. Next up, lunch! So,

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Three in One – my last three race reports

October 24, 2016 70.3IronmanRace Reports  No comments

Since it’s been a very busy season, I’ve had very little time to actually take some time and write down my most recent experiences racing and leaving those thoughts here at Ironman Faith. So, I’ll do my best to recall those experiences and make a few brief reports.

The race was held on July 10th. The day of our first daughter’s birth and it just happened to be her 30th birthday! Both of our girls were in town for her birthday as well as their grandmother (Joy’s mom, Kathy). During the lead up to the race we checked into our typical accommodations at the World Mark, just two miles away from Windsor High School, where the race concludes. The day before were the typical prerace workouts… swim at Johnston’s Beach at morning start time, a little tune up on the bike and a short run to

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Making ZERO Difference in a Year!

June 16, 2016 70.3Race Reports  No comments

Last year, on June 10th, while finishing a 94 mile ride through the Santa Cruz mountains during an unusually rainy day, my bike slid out from underneath me on what would be the final steep and sharp turn before heading home. The result was a fractured right hip that left me on crutches for the next three and a half months and subsequently caused me to cancel the remaining 4 races I had coming up. But racing wasn't the only thing affected by my now sedentary ways. My Ironman race, scheduled for late September in Chattanooga, Tennessee was also a race I had planned to do for ZERO Cancer, an organization dedicated to raising awareness, providing education and research and ultimately seeing a generation of men with zero prostate cancer. It too, now was on hold.

Since my last post back

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October 10, 2015 Recovery  2 comments

You hear it all the time.

"Thank you. Come again."

"Thanks much!"

"Thanks again."

"Thank you for..."

"Thank you for not..."

Whether it's acknowledging someone for waiting and holding the door open so you can easily enter or exit or it's because your grandmother slipped a $20 bill in your birthday card, we tend to respond with these simple words of gratitude: Thank you.

Most of the time we realize the reply is genuine but occasionally we'd have to admit it's nothing more than a rote response; said without thought. Why do we do that? I have a theory. Here it is...

We really don't understand the weight of gratitude. Don't believe me?

How many of us really appreciate the time, sacrifice and love given to us by our parents until we become parents?

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Ashes to Beauty

August 21, 2015 DevotionRecovery  2 comments

I realize three weeks have gone-by since my last report providing details of my emotional and physical condition as I recover from a broken hip. The reason; there wasn't really anything worth writing about. No one likes to read whining. I know I don't. No one can immediately fix my situation. I know I can't.

A week ago I met with my surgeon who told me post op I would be on crutches for two months. Exactly nine weeks later I drove myself to Kaiser, fully expecting to crutch in and walk out. After 30 minutes of waiting and the 10 minutes it took to get x-rays done, I was sitting in an examination room with my legs dangling and swinging, imagining what it would feel like to carry the crutches rather than have them carrying me. I was told Dr. Le was running late, "He's in the

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I’m Feeling Fine, What’s the Problem?

July 25, 2015 Recovery  No comments

Here it is; another Saturday morning. The sky is blue. The temperature holding right around 68 degrees. I can hear all kinds of birds surrounding the house with their symphony of calls. In the distance the sound of cars, carrying passengers to their daily activities or appointments. The penultimate stage of the Tour de France just ended minutes ago atop Alpe d'Huez. And I'm sitting on the couch. I mention this not to implore sympathy or infer protest, I simply mention it because your day began with similar conditions. It may not be sunny where you are nor would I assume you're on the couch. What I am saying, is your day most likely started without a hitch. You went about your business as usual. Me? Not so much. Typically, I'd be on my bike by now and as I glanced at my training schedule

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Seeds of Inspiration

July 18, 2015 DevotionRecovery  10 comments

There are times, a moment, when something so enormous cannot be ignored and yet times, a season, which run their course and very little seems out of the ordinary. While some events are akin to a massive highway-pileup on a foggy day others become nothing more than the distant sound of a firecracker, engine backfire or gunshot... who knows what that was? When you're young, events and relationships play a significant role in determining the course of your life. I've witnessed how the loss of a parent placed a seemingly, happy family on the road to despair and how the personal attention of a thoughtful and caring teacher raised the timid to soaring altitudes.

Inspiration is something most people would agree helps move the sedentary, challenge the status quo, and create the next new thing.

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That Guy

July 11, 2015 Recovery  2 comments

Lately, I've been needing to explain a lot of things... first "What happened?" then "How are you doing?"

Typically I'm fine. I have especially come to enjoy sleeping. During these past four weeks it's the time I get to walk, even run. However, last night was the first night I actually needed crutches for dream walking. It's these subtle and not so subtle things that tend to affect my mood and has me taking account of who I am, what's truly important and the changes I need to make.

Before I became a triathlete I was an observer. It began by watching the Ironman race on television and finding myself in awe of men and women who could swim, bike and run ridiculous distances and overcome self-inflicted, physical punishment with sheer mental toughness and emotional will... deep down I

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You People Say the Darnedest Things!

June 28, 2015 Recovery  9 comments

Good intentions... I suppose that could be the cause.

I remember the first time someone called out my name in a race who wasn't part of my family or a friend who knew me. I had heard that during a race a spectator might see you coming and quickly look up your number in the race program and instead of calling your number, which they noticed on your race bib they would use your name instead. Unfortunately that did not happen, well not until they started printing our names on the race bibs. Then it happened a lot. However, instead of being encouraged by what the person said, oddly I found myself questioning and thinking about the meaning of their words.

"Way to go Daniel... You're almost there!" 

"What?!" I would think. "Did she just say or did he just

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New Normal… It’s Getting Better All the Time

June 20, 2015 Recovery  No comments

For you, my audience, It's been a week since I wrote about the my cycling accident resulting in a broken hip and six months of projected rehabilitation. For me, it's been seven days to experience a rollercoaster of emotional heights and physical limitations. However, to say that its been hard requires perspective. I still have great overall health, I am prepared daily with an accommodation of food and activity all within arm's reach, I have plenty of time to catch up on things like Game of Thrones and Mad Men and I get chauffeured everywhere I need to go. So... hard is a relative term. Besides, I don't really watch Game of Thrones or Mad Men. I just like the idea that should I want to, I could.

The one thing that has been a consistent theme throughout the week are people telling me

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